September 13, 2019
  • BHHT Hiking Challenge Celebration

    September 13, 2019  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    Strong Brewing Company, 7 Rope Ferry Rd, Sedgwick, ME 04676, USA

    The BHHT Hiking Challenge is still on!! Put on your boots and get out on the trails, and then join us at Strong Brewing Company for beer, lemonade, and food from El El Frijoles & Wing Dingahs Sept 13th 5-7PM! We are very excited to be joined by our friends at the The Blue Hill YMCA, A Branch of The Downeast Family YMCA who will be leading group hikes on all of these trails. So if you don't like to hike alone, get in touch with the Blue Hill YMCA and get their group hiking schedule (you do not need to be a member of the Y to participate!) All of the eight secret images for the hiking challenge are hiding in the woods for you to find and record and bring to the grand celebration at Strong Brewing Company on Friday, Sept 13th 2019! Complete the challenge and join us on the 13th and be entered into a drawing for some great prizes! (All kiddos who compete the challenge get a prize!)

September 14, 2019
  • BHHT Open Air Arts Initiative Weaving Workshop

    September 14, 2019  1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Join Blue Hill Heritage Trust, Cynthia Winings Gallery, and the Seed Barn for a Young Artists Workshop. We will be broadening perceptions of HOME to include outdoor spaces beyond our walls helps cultivate an understanding of the interrelationships between humans and wildlife. As for humans, good homes for wildlife include plenty of food, safe access to water and shelter, and enough space to raise the next generation. In this outdoor workshop, participants will be invited to create an on-site sculpture woven through the meadow landscape that will provide winter habitat for seed dispersers. In the process, we will learn how to work with natural materials in our own gardens to augment habitat for wildlife through winter months. Call BHHT office with any questions! (207) 374-5118

  • BHHT Full Moon Hike

    September 14, 2019  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Join BHHT staff for another night hike up Blue Hill Mountain on the eve of the Full Harvest Moon. It is also a "micro-moon" this year (the opposite of a "super moon") as it spins farthest away from earth at this time and looks smaller than usual. Bring a flashlight, blanket, some snacks, and a quiet voice to see and hear the creatures of the night on our way up! Meet in the field parking lot at 7:00PM. Call BHHT office with any questions! (207) 374-5118

September 20, 2019
  • BHHT Mushroom Walk

    September 20, 2019  10:00 am - 12:00 pm

    David Porter will once again lead the very popular Mushroom ID Workshop at Hundred Acre Woods in Brooklin. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot for this great event! BHHT members only. Register by calling our office at 374-5118.

September 21, 2019
  • BHHT Carter Nature Preserve Beach Clean Up

    September 21, 2019  9:00 am - 11:00 am

    The Shaw Institute and BHHT invite you to join us for a Beach Cleanup Day at Carter Nature Preserve on the Cross Road in Surry. Be a part of the Ocean Conservancy’s Global Trash Free Seas Day, and Maine’s Coastal Cleanup Day by helping to clean this beautiful property which is under conservation with BHHT. We will provide materials and assign paired volunteers specific areas and duties including data collection. Family friendly, and please bring water bottles, wear durable work gloves, sunscreen and sturdy shoes! Participants will receive coupons for Pugnuts Ice Cream Shop as a special reward for a job well done.

September 22, 2019
  • BHHT Fairy House Festival

    September 22, 2019  1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

    Come celebrate the magic of fairies with Blue Hill Heritage Trust; bring your wings and fairy dust if you have them! Merrie Eley will begin our festival with a story about how to build fairy houses, then we will venture outside to build some for the fairies living in the woods behind Blue Hill Heritage Trust's office! Space is limited, please call to pre-register at 374-5118.

September 25, 2019
  • BHHT FREE Citizen Science Training for Phenology Trail

    September 25, 2019  4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
    Carter Nature Preserve- Blue Hill Heritage Trust, 38 Cross Rd, Surry, ME 04684, USA

    Join Schoodic Institute and Blue Hill Heritage Trust for a FREE citizen science training. Great for teachers, youth, parents, and individuals interested in helping collect data for national climate change research. We will meet at Carter Nature Preserve in Surry and then head to The Gatherings, also in Surry, to finish the training. Phenology, or nature’s calendar, is the study of plant and animal life cycle events. It includes tracking the timing of flowering and fruiting plants, emergence of insects, and bird migrations. Millions of songbirds migrate south every fall along the northeast coastline. As they travel the long distances needed to reach their southern destinations, they need stopover sites where they can refuel on fruits and insects. We need to know - Is climate change creating a mismatch between fall migrating birds and their food source-fruits and insects? Schoodic Institute has partnered up with the National Phenology Network, and has 9 miles of trails dedicated to this research. BHHT now has three phenology trails of their own! WE NEED YOUR HELP collecting data! Call BHHT office 374-5118 for further information and to register. Space is limited.

September 2019

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  • BHHT FREE Citizen Science Training for Phenology Trail