This year’s theme: ON THE WATER. Send photos of lakes, ponds, rivers, flora, fauna, people having fun on the water in Bucksport, Orland, Dedham, Verona Island.

Please send your favorite photos to:   info@greatpondtrust.org  or to  GreatPondPics@gmail.com   There will be a monthly drawing for prizes among those who send photos.

Thanks for all submissions to this date – April 6, 2014. For descriptions and downloadable pictures, visit us at: https://greatpondpics.shutterfly.com/530

March-ToddyPond#3-KarenZimmermanMarch-ToddyPond#1-KarenZimmerman March-Owl#3-FrankHiggins March-Owl#2-FrankHiggins March-Owl#1-FrankHiggins March-LakePhoto#1-CheriDomina March-GroundhogDay#3-CathyAmes March-FrostFerns-NancyMinott March-FrostFerns#2-NancyMinott March-CraigBrook-CheriDomina March-BerriesAlongPenobscot-MaryAlley January-AlamoosookIceFishing-LisaDeweese (3) January-AlamoosookIceFishing-LisaDeweese February-SkiReport-HansKrichels February-OrlandRiver-CathyAmes February-OrlandRiver#3-CathyAmes February-OrlandRiver#2-CathyAmes February-MoosehornStream-HKrichels OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA February-ChineseStudentsSnowshoeing-Archives February-AlamoosookShore-HKrichels February-AlamoosookIceFishing-AnneDavis February-AlamoosookIceFishing#1-AnneDavis) Copy (2) of March-AlamoosookSkate-NuggetWagner March-ToddyPond#4-KarenZimmerman




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