In this collection of photos, moonlight hikers gather around a campfire, Connie Tuller releases her homing pigeons, birdwatchers spot the warbler of their dreams, Sandy Cirillo demonstrates natural weavings, James Emmert shares his geocaching expertise. And lots more. Got events of your own? Send pictures, and we’ll post them here.Winging Homeward CheckingLetterboxes Connie Arrives with her Pigeons Copy (2) of IMG_8914 Copy (2) of IMG_8929 Copy (2) of IMG_8934 Copy of PhillipsLake#2 Copy of PhillipsLake#6 Copy of Summit-8-4-13 Hike-9-21-13 Hike#1-3-21-13 IMG_0788 IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_1529 IMG_1555 IMG_1662 IMG_3273 IMG_8178 IMG_8182 IMG_8196 Paul'sBirdWatching-5-11-13 PigeonRelease#3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Release#2 Release#2c South Gate cocoa station. TouchingPigeons#2

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